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And the shepherd's boy says...


My position "People with ME should not be abusive to doctors or patients" is not a castle to be defended.  There are no walls to be breached, no keep to fall.  It's simply the truth.   And it goes on whether M.E patients ally themselves to it or not

I've have presented this truth to the online M.E patient community almost one thousand times. I will continue to send out this message until the day that I die.


In the story, HEAVEN SENT, The Doctor, is trapped behind a wall of diamond.  Slowly he realises that the problem in front of him is far bigger than one life.  And so he tells a fairytale to pass the time.  He knows right from the beginning of his torture that a future self will one day break through the wall, but more than this; he knows that every doctor who dies and fails, will share equally in his eventual victory.

My message is a statement of the winning position in M.E.