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In brief.

As time is short; I'll be brief:

People with M.E often miss that in "Return to Baseline" CBT/GET contains a huge measure of acceptance of the reality and seriousness of their condition. 

Likewise; physicians miss the idea that acceptance/pacing is forced upon people with M.E and that fundamentally, M.E patients just want to get well.

Doctors and patients should work together better in M.E.  

It's important.

Anyhow; This is how I got free of M.E:

I basically lashed the two pre-existing ladders together and added a single new rung:

"Switch from acceptance/pacing to CBT/GET when you've normalised your activity-sleep curve."

No sense in flooding a wonky activity cycle with energy, it just makes the highs higher, the drops bigger and the twists and turns more difficult to navigate.

Once you've got a nice simple harmonic motion going between inactivity and activity and activity is aligned with the daytime, that's the moment to start exercising, to re-condition those tires and then, with luck, burn some rubber.

I hope it's the same for you.