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So what if it's all in your mind?

We do not know what causes M.E.  A lot of people have put forward ideas, including myself, but fundamentally we do not know what causes one of the most horrifically disabling conditions that a human  being can get.

How we start off investigating this problem is very important.  If we mess up at the beginning, we may never have any hope of reaching our destination: good treatment.  It is vital therefore that we do not, out of ignorance, dismiss entire avenues of research.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that I have no problem with M.E being shown to be an entirely psychological condition.  100% in the mind.  That's fine.  I just want people well.

I maintain absolute respect and parity between mental and physical illness, and more than this, I have been convinced that it is sensible, useful and wise, to consider all conditions from both perspectives.


If this excellent point of view makes me a fool in your eyes, I can only suggest that you go find yourself a stronger pair of glasses.  As far as I am concerned the matter is closed.