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The day I beat M.E

I was ill for 35 years. This was the day I walked 12.5 miles from my home in East London to St Paul's Cathedral: 

The day I beat M.E 

In essence the M.E content on this blog is my attempt to ensure that others make the journey from out of the shadows much faster than I did.  I am sure that many of you can.  I really am.

I've got loads more photographs from this epic day and will add them here as soon as I can.  It is a strange thing though.  This one day stood for all the others.  It started out from the bathroom that I used to crawl to on my belly.  It started out with the receipt of personal abuse.  It started out with my not knowing whether the day was in any way possible for me to complete.  It started out with my not knowing whether I'd be hit by the brick wall of Post Exertional Malaise afterwards, perhaps laying me low for months.

This day stated out with uncertainty and illness and ended with knowledge and recovery.  I wish this day for all people with M.E.