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The Four Friends.

Dr Dream worries that you will lose your whole life and health though over-caution. He steps in to save it. His domain is one of ideas, dreams and plans. He gently questions you and, when appropriate, he poses the expert suggestion: "Maybe you could do more?". When you are ready he refers you on to his collegue.

Dr Do! is a man of action. Life is to be lived. There is work to be done. You must stand on your own two feet. And, as you attack life, he smiles as you become fitter and stronger and more independent. Dr Do tells you to increase your activity, to push forward, to break through. There is no end to what you can achieve!

Dr Dulcify has a very different job. She steps in when she believes you are pushing too hard and over-exerting yourself. Just like Dr Dream she uses cognitive challenge in an attempt to change your behaviour. She wants you to accept the reality of M.E. As Dr Dream challenges your illness belief, so Dr Dulcify challenges your illness disbelief.  When you are ready she refers you on to her friend, Dr Dont.

Dr Dont! favours rest and sympathy. He listens to and accepts the reality of your experience and illness. He gathers the support of your family, friends and society.  He tries to make you comfortable.  He tries to give you time and a place to rest and to heal.

Each one of these doctors can help an M.E patient so much at the right time.  Each one is a vital part of a cycle that helps a person with M.E determine whether to push forward or to pull back. 

They don't all get on together, but they should, for each one of these doctors is trying to save your life.