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The mighty mega meta blog.

The articles on this blog spring from the tens of thousands of tweets I put out for M.E patients while I was their advocate.  It is also based on the tens of thousands of ideas that I did not tweet out due to the receipt of threats and abuse from M.E patient activists.

I have already noted that my million word target for the M.E content on this blog is, of course, too much to ask an M.E patient to process.  I am therefore summarizing each article, essentially shrinking the ideas back down to single tweets again.

The plan is then to form these messages into a single speech about M.E, a meta blog.

It could even be a lecture or a movie.

A movie where every single sentence is backed up by a thousand word essay.

From a personal point of view this is me getting rid of the M.E issue.  The M.E patient community almost ended me and to protect myself and to honour the experiences that I survived: 

I will leave, I am leaving, I have already left.

This work then is the mental equivalent of my training to run the London Marathon.  It is the final act in my gripping escape from Myalgic Encephalowhatchamacallit.

I hope I will win through to something better.  It would be hard for it to be much worse than it's been.



Do you see what I've done?  This issue is no longer about me vs doctors, or me vs M.E researchers, or me vs community-wide bullying.  It's not even a case of me vs M.E.

It's me vs myself.  I cannot lose.

Every single word is a winner.  Every single word makes me better. 

Just as every single step is a stride towards the London Marathon finish line, so every single word is a leap towards freedom and light and love.


After afterward:

I'm at about 40,000 words now on the blog.  At this point I'm imagining creating 500, 2000-word essays covering every aspect of M.E.  Single sentence summaries of each would be combined into a 5000-word document/lecture/movie at the end.