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Current best guess as to how to escape M.E.

Do you see how it works?  Instead of getting bogged down fighting an endless ideological war, we validate both approaches and glue them together with a single new idea.

Activity shaping, the idea that a healthy activity/sleep cycle can be slowly reconstructed through time-shifting active and inactive periods, satisfies physicians' demand for progression in treatment while also satisfying patients' demand that they should not be forced to increase their level of exertion.
The model explains why patients report problems with alcohol, adrenaline, stress & sleep apnoea, for all these things serve to warp their activity cycle further. It also explains why M.E patients report symptom exacerbation following even gradual and moderate increases in exertion.

It also explains the strong association between M.E and respiratory tract infections. There's nothing quite like being unable to breathe to mince your sleep cycle.