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Looking back.


🔹 I stood against the abuse of patients & doctors.
🔹 I constructed a new treatment model for M.E.
🔹 I supported 1000s of M.E patients.
🔹 I recovered my health to the point I can walk 12 miles a day.
🔹 I played a key role in the challenge to Pace and its reversal.
🔹 I represented people with M.E in discussions with medicine.

It is only fair to also list the things I messed up on:

🔹 I failed to convince people with M.E to reject abuse.
🔹 I felt I had to publicly apologise for my bias as an advocate.
🔹 I continued to speak with people who were being abusive to me.
🔹 I hurt my mental health being an advocate and my family/friends had to undo the damage.

🔹 For a long time, far too long, I dismissed recovery stories because they didn't fit in with my world-view. 

🔹 I consistently misjudged people: I worked to support and help people I should never have gone anywhere near and I overlooked the kindness and wisdom right in front of my face.

Still though, eh?

🔹 A new approach to the treatment of M.E.

🔹 A complete recovery.

🔹 1000+ videos against M.E activists' abuse.

🔹 Being there for thousands & thousands of lonely, suffering, patients and for any physician attacked.

Yeah. I'll take that.  😎