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Quick update.

"As you many have read elsewhere, I am waiting for the outcome of the U.S 2020 election before deciding how I will continue here and on Twitter. (@batteredoldbook, @ahelluvabird)"

In the end  I decided not to wait for the election results. I was inspired to see so many people standing up to bullying behaviour in the US that I decided that in either eventuality it was better to stand up for what's right and good and honest and proper.  I wrote:

"Biden inspires. In my own little world, I will renew my struggle to reunite doctors and patients against the disease M.E. I will continue my rejection of abuse, bias and the toxic politics of revenge. And I will try my very best to help find good treatment for all #pwme. #mecfs"

Specifically; I chose to keep @batteredoldbook as my personal account and to use @ahelluvabird, for my work on M.E. 

Standing up and making my own choice rather than waiting for others felt good and very soon after Mr Trump lost power. I don't think the two events are connected. Lol. 

They sure resonate though!

I will periodically transfer the content I've developed on Twitter to here.

Best wishes,