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In summary.

I had M.E between 1984-2019. While I was a M.E patient advocate (1997-2017) thousands of people with M.E (PWME) wrote to me and I contributed tens of thousands of hours of work.

I left M.E advocacy because my fellow community leaders would not publicly address M.E activists' abuse of doctors and patients.

Since 2018 I have developed a theory of M.E that attempts to alloy pacing and graded exercise.

While working, I have published over 1,000 videos standing against the abusive behaviour now mainstream in M.E activism.

I have concluded that conflict in M.E is self-defeating.

I have been the target for ruthless public and private abuse from M.E patients and activists for many years.

Refusal of M.E community leaders and charities to help in combination with a vicious community wide shun has, in the past, led me to question whether I should end myself.

The M.E community aggressively blocks discussion of exercise, recovery and M.E activists' abuse.

I do not believe good science and research can be done under such circumstances.

In M.E every single researcher is but one unwelcome conclusion away from (literally) a lifetime of vicious personal attacks.

I have therefore decided to complete my work for people with M.E far away from the M.E patient community.

You, reader, can help me every day by retweeting my message against abuse on @ahelluvabird.

I will try to send you all some photographs from my wonderful recovery and marathon attempt here on @batteredoldbook.