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Due to intense long-term bullying from the M.E patient community I have decided to remove this website.


Seriously. M.E community threats, abuse and social shun had created within me, 20-30 thoughts of suicide per day. I think this was an understandable reaction on my part.  I was being ruthlessly bullied by a community that will not draw the line at harming researchers and fellow patients.


On the wider issue of recovery, I think many people with M.E may find it helpful to gradually consolidate periods of rest and exercise using timeshifting. But, above all else, M.E patients who want to follow my route to recovery must ask themselves some soul-searching questions:

What did I go and do that almost all other people with M.E do not? What changes occurred to me as a direct result of my choice? Why do I send out the same simple message every day over at @ahelluvabird? Why must M.E patients treat me as if I don't exist? What did I do to compensate for this ongoing, hellish, often community-wide pressure not to be? (Hint: I'm doing it here:)

I was taught it's important to always go out on a gag so here we go...

How many M.E patients does it take to change a lifebulb?


Good-bye. Good luck, and... Geronimo!